Students create innovative solutions to the online shopping experience


Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation, Rotary Club of Barbados, Yello Barbados October (Classroom to Boardroom) 2017

Online shopping has become a part of consumers’ day-to-day reality. Customers search out the product or service, which they desire on the Internet and all related providers are at their fingertips within a matter of minutes. This level of convenience has caused a decline in the usage of Yello Barbados’ printed telephone books. As a result, Yello Barbados is eager to move into the future. 18 students from various educational intuitions across Barbados became a part of this future in October 2017 as members of EiA’s Classroom to Boardroom programme.

Some of the students from the Yello Barbados challenge
Some of the students from the Yello Barbados challenge

Yello Barbados set the challenge to the students to create the ‘Yello of the future’; a one-stop shop with all the search services which could become available within the next 5-10 years and appeals to all generations. The students embraced the challenge of working assiduously for two and a half days to develop an innovation, which they later presented to a panel of Yello executives.

Students brainstorming in their team

The teachers who accompanied the students noted their growth over the week and lauded Classroom to Boardroom as a “life-changing experience”. They stated that it “teaches students to apply the theory they learn at school and the practical allowing them to discover the qualities they never knew they had.”

Students from the Yello Barbados challenge working in their team

The students themselves also recognised their changes indicating that presenting before the Board was an “exhilarating feeling” and they were able to hone their “good innovation techniques, communication and leadership skills, and to implement their “team building skills.” 100% of our students found the programme very interesting and would definitely recommend it to a friend.

Some of the students preparing their presentation with Pam Roach, Marketing Manager at Yello

The challenge setter on this challenge was Yello Barbados. View their website:

The local partner on this challenge was the Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation. View their website:

Rotary Club of Barbados South was another local partner. View their website: