A Future Built on Sport


Fifty young people, year 9 and 10 were selected by Castle Community College, a Specialist Sports college in Deal Kent, to participate in a residential week long programme.


This took place at Ashford School, who offered their superb facilities. All were on the school YG&T register, for a sports/dance talent identified at three levels: County Standard and above, District standard and Club / school.


The overall objective of the Sports Enterprise Programme was to help students build on their raw sporting talent by developing increased personal and enterprise skills, improved motivation, a better understanding of the business of sport as well as understanding the motivation and psychology required to compete, so that they reach their true sporting potential - “A future built on Sport”


Each group of 25 young people worked with an EiA coach through the varied programme themed on Enterprise in the context of sport. The inspiring guest speaker on Thursday was Phil Smith, Director of First Artist Corporation, a top sports and business agent.


This and the structured EiA programme, led to a huge leap in confidence reported by every single student. One parent who saw the student presentation on the Friday was so moved she stood up to say how amazed she was at how much her son and his friends had grown.


Another student emailed Derek Browne within hours of returning home to say how much it had changed his life (he later decided to stand for Young Mayor).


Breakthrough progress was even made with students designated as talented but ‘challenging.’ For EiA it was a huge thrill seeing them all at the celebration event 6 weeks later – smart, courteous, positive and still excited.


The Head and teachers reported continued improvement in behaviour and achievement, and the attendees passing on their learnings to others. 


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