A second chance in life with London Underground


You don’t often get a second chance in life but an exciting new scheme is offering Londoners exactly that. The London Underground Employability Scheme, with LU, Four Counties Training and Entrepreneurs in Action working hand in hand.


The scheme targeted individuals who lived in West London and have been out of work for at least 6 months. Those who successfully completed the programme and recruitment process are invited to join London Underground as a Customer Services Assistant. It is heart-warming to know that in just 3 short months, an unemployed jobseeker struggling to make ends meet on benefits can get three nationally recognised qualifications AND earn a salary in excess of £23,000.

Best of all, the participants have encouragement and support every step of the way. The recruits who attended the successful pilot scheme in April-June 2008 have managed to turn their lives around. Candidates spoke positively about the course content, delivery and the support received from the tutors and mentors:


Alain Le Blanc, young person says:


“I feel very lucky to have been selected for this course, it has given me more confidence in my abilities and helped me to focus on my goals. Even if I had not become a CSA, I feel that the skills I learned here can carry over to any career. It helped me to believe in my abilities, something I had lost after being unemployed for 2 years.”


Aoua Konate, now a Customer Service Assistant, said:


“I’ve lived in the UK for 4 years and before this course I was really struggling to get a stable job. The scheme has helped me with my language skills and I am really enjoying my new role. I feel this is the first step to building a new future for myself.”


Ruth Samuel, EiA Senior Associate remarked, “We are making a big difference to real people and real lives”. Iain Smith, Head of Skills at London Underground, is delighted with the scheme: “This scheme is all about developing people to their fullest potential and it has been a great success. I welcome those who have now joined LU and I look forward to continuing this project in the future."

All of the coaches at Entrepreneurs in Action would like to offer our congratulations and best wishes to the successful new employees...We’ll keep a look out for you on our travels!  


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