Surrey Girls Big Business Challenge


In July 2008, 50 gifted and talented girls from year 8 and 9 in five schools in the Surrey Enterprise Education Hub, gathered at the hub, Ryden’s School, for a week long ‘Classroom to Boardroom’ programme with IBM and Proctor & Gamble.


They were given Business challenges by IBM on how they could work locally to improve their carbon footprint, and Proctor and Gamble on raising awareness with dog users on issues of canine obesity. The aim of the project was to boost the confidence and aspirations of these girls, using a hands-on enterprise experience.


Proctor and Gamble commented;


“It was a good idea, all the children were very confident and engaged, well organised and they managed to get a lot done in a short time scale. They showed real initiative in their research on dog owners - the result was well presented - very professional.”


Barbara Moore, Head of Business Studies Therfield School said;


“I have only been present at the presentation on the last day but have been extremely impressed with everything I have seen. All students have been involved and all seem to have benefited from the activities. All have enjoyed it and have grown as individuals. Their understanding of business is evident and very impressive.”


On the Friday they went to the Companies’ offices to present to panels of Senior Executives.

The participating schools were Ryden’s School, who’s Deputy Head David Garrido co-ordinated the project, Therfield, Kings International, Hinchley Wood and Heathside. The project was sponsored by CfBT Education Trust, for whom EiA is an approved supplier.





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