‘Classroom to Boardroom’ residential


Seventy Year 12 students, drawn from 30 schools in City Challenge Areas in Greater Manchester, London and the Black Country, came together in July 2008 for an amazing week’s residential summer school.


The venue was the Royal Holloway, University of London in Egham Surrey and it was supported by the national Young Gifted and Talented Programme and City Challenge YG&T teams.


They had an exciting and challenging experience with EiA’s own brand of personal development and a hint of ‘The Apprentice’ and ‘Dragons Den’. They were set real Maths focused business challenges by three top corporate Businesses.


London Underground set a challenge on how the tube system could be adapted to cope with day 6 of the 2012 Olympics.


The National Physical Laboratory set a challenge on designing a model to assess the relative merits of different biometric methods for identity cards.


Garlik asked a group to explore a digital score for the music business.


These were designed with the support of NRICH (specialists in enriching the Maths experience, based at Cambridge University) and the results were presented to the business executives on the Friday. The evening activities and last night dinner added to the experience - and the group has kept up friendships afterwards through social networking and reunions!


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