Young Leaders for Safer Cities


Young Black and Asian 14-15 year olds drawn from across London gathered for a programme run by the Metropolitan Black Police Association(BPA).


Each group of 90 were on a residential week based at Westminster University’s Harrow Campus, on a broad mix of activities. This was an initiative by the Metropolitan BPA VOYAGE team (Voice of Youth and Genuine Empowerment) to create a better relationship between black and ethnic minority communities (BME) and the Metropolitan Police. It aims to develop young community leaders from 14/15 year old BME students in London schools and the Programme is badged ‘Young Leaders for Safer Cities’. The central aim of the programme is to develop young people with greater social responsibility and leadership capacity. EiA was asked to run a pivotal day session called ‘Raising your Game’ to help the young people explore their motivations, dreams and goals, and develop confidence and communication skills. They were also taken through a short workshop on ‘Learning About Finance’.


The Met Black Police Association commented:


“The event was very beneficial to the young leaders as they have enjoyed themselves and also learnt a great deal including communication, body language and SWOT”  


Seniz Kasif: Student


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