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EiA partner with Waitrose to deliver Apprentice Plus


Entrepreneurs in Action (EiA) partnered with Waitrose to deliver their Apprentice Plus programme with a business challenge that empowered Waitrose apprentices to offer an excellent in-store customer experience, whilst developing much needed employability skills.


The Apprentice Plus programme from Entrepreneurs in Action (EiA) is designed to help young people to rapidly transition into the world of work, providing the employability skills and coaching that will benefit young recruits in the workplace.


Apprentice Plus goes outside traditional apprentice learning by developing a holistic approach to building confidence and skills over and above that normally taught in a traditional apprenticeship.


The use of EiA’s alternative coaching style to unlock the potential of each participant encourages apprentices to develop creativity and increase their problem solving skills.

  • “The programme successfully brought apprentices together, enabling them to build networks and create an apprentice community. It was clear by the end of the programme that their confidence had increased and they were taking on more ownership for presenting a 'positive frame' to achieve results.” says Rachel Williams, Education and Learning Initiatives Manager.
  • “The apprentices delivered coherent, well-constructed outcomes on the challenge which were impressive, particularly given the limited time available in developing the ideas.” says Kevin Garrett, Head of Community Projects.
  • “Apprentice Plus is a transformational programme designed to prepare apprentices to be work ready faster, take on real work tasks faster and make a contribution to the operation of the business faster” says Derek Browne, CEO at EiA.

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