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“For me, it was useful to learn how to manage groups of people and especially to learn how to delegate work effectively.” Student, Sevenoaks



Sevenoaks Classroom to Boardroom 2013


“For me, it was useful to learn how to manage groups of people and especially to learn how to delegate work effectively.”  

Student, Sevenoaks


Entrepreneurs in Action are currently enjoying a 3 year association with Sevenoaks, during which time we have run various ‘Entrepreneur in You’ and ‘Classroom to Boardroom’ programmes.


Following the ‘Classroom to Boardroom’ programme in which 50 Sevenoaks students took part, the challengers, Place2Be (www.place2be.org.uk/) and Brook (www.brook.org.uk/), have taken the ideas of the students forward.



The week was all about introducing the students to the world of business. The challengers presented the students with a real life business challenge. During the week the students worked on their ideas which they then presented to senior board members of each charity.


Thanks to the work of the students, both Brook and Place2Be, have taken on board the ideas presented and are now working with them to develop their ideas further.


Here are comments from Neil Tetley, Luke Rosier of Place2Be and Simon Blake of Brook


  • The person in charge of fundraising at Brook came in to talk through the ideas with the students. We are hoping to trial an entrepreneurship challenge with our Year 10s, whereby they get £50 a group as seed money and are challenged to make a profit. Brook is producing some publicity material for it”. At Place2Be they published their revised manual for mentors based almost entirely on the work of the Sevenoaks students. A group of eight students were trained as mentors but we couldn’t get any local primary schools interested in the scheme. We are hoping to launch this properly next year.” Neil Tetley, Deputy Head, Sevenoaks
  • We followed through with our plan to re-design and print the Mentoring Handbook in line with many of the Sevenoaks EiA group’s recommendations. This Handbook has been used by mentors this year and we put a dedication to Sevenoaks School and the Entrepreneurs in Action scheme at the back. Luke Rosier, Business Development Manager, Place2Be
  • Delighted to be involved again.” Simon Blake, Chief Executive, Brook

Here is what the students thought about the programme.

  1. 84.9% of the students felt the event ran smoothly and any problems were handled well.
  2. 78.3% of the students felt they had ample support from the EiA coaches.
  3. 73.9% of the students found the programme very interesting and would definitely recommend it to others

The students gained the following by taking part in the programme:

  1. 100% of students increased their understanding of business and enterprise.
  2. 100% of students now have a feel for what it is like to be part of a real business assignment.
  3. 100% of students have increased skills to help their school learning and increased their future employment chances.
  4. 100% of the students have greater confidence in what they can achieve.

Skills improved slightly or better


Project management


Problem solving


Team working


Working to tight deadlines


Motivating myself


Leaderships skills



We at EiA are very pleased with the encouraging comments from Neil Tetley of Sevenoaks School and both charities and hope to work with all three again in the near future. 


If you would like to hear more about our programmes, please contact info@theeia.com or click on this form and someone will be in touch with you. 


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