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“One piece of learning that I will take away is having confidence in what I am saying and understanding what I am presenting.” Participant


Classroom to Boardroom at Base London with Paddington Academy and Surbiton High School


One piece of learning that I will take away is having confidence in what I am saying and understanding what I am presenting.



From 23rd June to 26th June 2014, Entrepreneurs in Action ran a ‘Classroom to Boardroom’ programme with Paddington Academy and Surbiton High School. The challenger for the programme was for the second year running, Carbon Voyage.


Carbon Voyage was founded in 2009 to handle the major inefficiencies within the transport industry through collaboration to match up excess transport with user needs, thus reducing cost, carbon and congestion. They believe that the world can be improved through the implementation of more sustainable transport initiatives. With that in mind, the business challenge set by Carbon Voyage for the 'Classroom to Boardroom' programme revolved around improving the environment and tackling climate change (voyagecontrol.com/).  



For second year running the students presented their finding at the Base London Fringe event which this year was held at the Guildhall in London. This was an event organised by Base London, and included key industry organisations that are active in the capital's low carbon development programme. The students presented their ideas to a panel of experts that included Simon Mills, Head of Sustainable Development of the City of London Corporation, who was also part of the panel last year (www.basecities.com/london)


Comments from students.

  • I enjoyed meeting new people from Surbiton High School and also enjoyed being able to present our final speech to the executives.
  • I enjoyed the fact that we had to network and I had the confidence to introduce myself to strangers.
  • One take-away from this programme that I will use and work on in my day to day life is how to present myself when networking with business men and women.

Here is what the students thought about the programme.

  1. 90% of the students felt the event ran smoothly and any problems were handled well.
  2. 100% of the students felt they had ample support from the EiA coaches.
  3. 100% of the students found the programme very interesting and would definitely recommend it to others

The students gained the following by taking part in the programme:

  1. 95% of students increased their understanding of business and enterprise.
  2. 95% of students have increased skills to help their school learning and increased their future employment chances.
  3. 95% of the students found the experience of presenting in front of senior board members extremely enjoyable and helpful in increasing their confidence.

Skills improved slightly or better


Project management


Problem solving


Team working


Working to tight deadlines


Motivating myself


Leaderships skills



We at EiA are very pleased with the encouraging comments from Neil Tetley of Sevenoaks School and both charities and hope to work with all three again in the near future. 


Check out our video from the day by clicking on the link below: 

EiA: Classroom to Boardroom at Base London with Paddington Academy and Surbiton High School 2014


If you would like to hear more about our programmes, please contact info@theeia.com or click on this form and someone will be in touch with you. 


Base London: Paddington & Surbiton


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