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“I have a better understanding of my future career options because I now know how to go about to do it.” Student, Evelyn Grace Academy


Evelyn Grace Academy – Inspire Futures


I have a better understanding of my future career options because I now know how to go about to do it.

Student, Evelyn Grace Academy


On the 14th - 17th July for the second successive year, Entrepreneurs in Action ran their ‘Inspire Futures’ programme with 180 students from the Evelyn Grace Academy. The programme was held at Lambeth College, Clapham Centre. The aim of the programme was to provide an innovative work experience to Year 10 students, giving them a taste of enterprise and employability skills. This was the second year that we had run this programme with Evelyn Grace Academy

  • Click here for the video from 2013
  • Click here for the article from 2013

The intensive programme was delivered over the course of 4 days. The first and second days comprised the ‘Entrepreneur in You’ programme, which culminated in the Trading Game on the second day.



The third day was centred on Job Hunting and Recruitment activities. Volunteers from the REC, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, came into the sessions and gave guidance to the students on job hunting and interview skills. The students also looked at the impact that their digital footprint would have on their future employment chances.


The fourth and final day connected students with volunteers from various companies - local, national and international - to provide insight into the world of work. The event was called ‘EiA Inspire Futures’ and consisted of career hubs, on the spot career guidance and support for the students by professionals from different industries. The students were also given a chance to receive feedback and information from the volunteers to add even more real value to the event.



Here are some comments from the volunteers:

  • The interview sessions were useful as they allowed 1 on 1 feedback. So very useful to the students. I also understood that preparation is important for interviewers also. I liked the fact that these students wanted to be involved at an early stage, to acquire insight/help related to their future careers. I liked the diversity of the Volunteers. I liked the smaller groups; the adjudication by the EIA.” Sandra Skyers, Senior Commercial Lawyer, BT plc
  • One particular student was very reluctant to participate and sit with me but once he got into it, he transformed. He saw that the process was actually trying to help him think about his future. I don't think it was anything I said particularly, he just realised it wasn't a stupid exercise once he gave it a chance. I did give him some feedback that his initial body language meant that a lot of employers would judge him on that first impression and I hope he took that on board too.” Kate Shoesmith, Head of Policy, Recruitment &Employment Confederation

The climax was a speech from the CEO of Lambeth Council, Derrick Anderson, who commented on his employment journey and showed the students that there are many routes to success and, no matter where you live or who you are, you will succeed in life if you really fight for it.


Student opinions of the 4 day programme:

  1. 95% of students would recommend this programme to other students.
  • I enjoyed the trading game as it helped me home my skills to gain customers and how to make a product simply but effective.
  • It was a way for me to see how much effort businesses go through just to get their products to be noticed and bought.
  • The specialists have different journeys that they took in order to become successful. These talks have really inspired me to look at my future and what journey I need to take to succeed.

Entrepreneur in You- Day 1 and 2


  1. 95% of students enjoyed the trading game.
  2. 94.1% of students improved their business confidence.
  3. 99.3% of students increased their understanding of business and entrepreneurship.
  4. 100% of students have a feel for what it is like to trade.

Improved the following skills


Team working




Project management


Presenting to others skills


Working under pressure skills



Job hunting and recruiters - Day 3

  1. 98% of students increased their understanding about what it takes to be successful a fair amount or better.
  2. 97.4% of students feel confident in their abilities to network with others a fair amount or better.
  3. 98% of students increased their understanding of how to maximise their search for part-time or full-time jobs.
  4. 98% of students increased their understanding about what employers are looking for in potential candidates.
  5. 94% of students increased their understanding about the importance of their digital footprint. 

Inspire Futures- Day 4

  1. 94% of students increased their understanding of their future career options.
  2. 97% of students found the Career Guidance and Support sessions beneficial. 

This year’s programme was a complete contrast with last years. One of the major changes we made was to move the Entrepreneur in You and Trading Game to the first two days. This gave us a great result as the students liked the format of the days.


Check out our video from the day by clicking on the link below: 

EiA: Inspire Futures with Evelyn Grace Academy at Lambeth College 2014 


If you would like to hear more about our programmes, please contact info@theeia.com or click on this form and someone will be in touch with you.


Inspire Futures: Evelyn Grace Academy


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