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“To me EiA was offering us what we wanted and their brief was perfect. It has been faultless.” Dr Kevin Magill, Director of Sixth Form at Reading Blue Coats School


Personal Brand in You and Entrepreneur In You with Reading Blue Coat School


The EiA coaches are professional in their approach. They have the credibility to talk about business ideas and I have been incredibly impressed from start to finish. To me EiA was offering us what we wanted and their brief was perfect. It has been faultless.

Dr Kevin Magill, Director of Sixth Form at Reading Blue Coat School


On 10th and 11th June 2014, 131 sixth form students from Reading Blue Coat School were involved in a two day programme, which consisted of:


·         Day one – The Personal Brand in You – (PBIY)

·         Day two – The Entrepreneur in You – (EiY)


The PBIY programme provided students with an opportunity to learn what underpins their personal brand, exploring areas such as social media, digital footprint, networking and interview skills. The EiY programme gave students an insight into how business ideas are generated, brand building, sales and marketing techniques, and product development.


Day 1 of the programme taught the students elements of personal branding, the importance of communication and networking skills, how your digital footprint can impact their employment prospects and the importance of a CV comprised of action verbs and ways to sell themselves during a job interview. LinkedIn proved of particular interest, with 98% of the students acknowledging that they did not have a LinkedIn profile, or had even thought of using LinkedIn. A number of students prepared video CVs as part of the day, which was seen as a fun and a beneficial exercise.


Day 2 of the programme introduced the students to the world of entrepreneurs and business and the importance of the 4 P’s of marketing: Price, Promotion, Placement and Product. The students were then given the opportunity to use all they had learned over the two day period to create a product or service that could be sold or pitched during the trading session to invite outside buyers. The Trading Game provided a real opportunity for the students to connect their learning from the two days to a ‘real’ competitive environment, as they competed with other student businesses for the custom of buyers.



Here are some comments from students:

  1. 97% of students would or might recommend the two-day programme to a friend.
  2. 65% of students felt the programme ran smoothly over the two-day course.
  3. I understand that I need to understand what my personal brand is and what other people think of me to sell myself.
  4. “I have learnt about how important it is to stand out and the only way to do this is to find out my real strengths.

 What the students gained from taking part:

  1. 98% of students feel more informed about what it takes to build a personal brand.
  2. 98% of students have increased their understanding of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.
  3. 90% of students felt that the program helped improve confidence level.
  4. 99% of students expressed an increase in an excitement and understanding of trading.

Here are some comments from the chat show guest and the buyers:

  • I just attended the trading game and it was terrific as the buyer. I saw some fantastic presentations and some really innovative products and I invested quite a lot of money in them today. John Steer, Buyer, Parent
  • It has been a great day, a lot of energy. There is a vibrancy to teach kids about entrepreneurship and how to become entrepreneurs and teach them the skills they need not only to be an entrepreneur but also be successful in life. It has been great to be part of this process as you can see them develop from people early on to people with better skills than when they started. I really enjoyed the energy from young people wanting to learn.” Sebastian Brook, CEO, Chattoo, Chat show host

Entrepreneurs in Action felt that the Entrepreneur in You programmes was a great success as demonstrated by the analysis, feedback and reactions above.


Check out our video from the day by clicking on the link below: 

EiA: Personal Brand and Entrepreneur in You with Reading Blue Coat School 2014 


If you would like to hear more about our programmes, please contact info@theeia.com or click on this form and someone will be in touch with you.


Personal Brand & Entrepreneur in You: Reading Blue Coat


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