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Derek Browne was closely involved during the series of Jamie’s Chef, broadcast on Channel 4 in early 2007, during which he helped finalists prepare their business plans and presentations to the trustees of the foundation: 


“I was employed by Fifteen Foundation to be the 4 finalists’ business mentor and coach over a 6 week intensive programme. My main responsibility was to get the graduates ready to understand what went into a business plan and then work with them to write their own plan and finally present it to a panel of investors including Jamie at the end of the programme. I spent one to two days a week with the graduates. It was an extremely challenging role, but I think the results will demonstrate that young talented people from challenging backgrounds can get into business.”

The winner, Aaron Craze, started running The Cock in Beazley End, Essex in November 06 and was quickly awarded an AA Rosette.  


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