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“In their own words the students said they began the week with a feeling of ‘what have we let ourselves in for’?” Joel Attar, Senior Development and Delivery Officer, Foyer Federation


Classroom to Boardroom at Brook and Foyer Federation with Sevenoaks


“In their own words the students said they began the week with a feeling of ‘what have we let ourselves in for’? They ended the week having impressed us by the sheer amount of work they achieved and the quality too and feeling very proud of their own achievements, individually and collectively”.

Joel Attar, Senior Development and Delivery Officer, Foyer Federation


On the 30th June to 3rd July 2014, Entrepreneurs in Action ran their ‘Classroom to Boardroom’ programme for the students of Sevenoaks School. Fifty students participated in the programme. The challenge setters for the programme were Foyer Federation (foyer.net/) and Brook Charity (www.brook.org.uk/)



Brook wants a society that values all children, young people and their developing sexuality. They want all children and young people to be supported to develop the self-confidence, skills and understanding they need to enjoy and take responsibility for their sexual lives, sexual health and wellbeing. The Challenge set by Brook was for the students “to review Brook’s resources and publications range and undertake market analysis of sexual health and healthy well-being resources available in the market place by Brook and their competitors. They then wanted the students to produce a development strategy, making recommendations to ensure that Brook remains the leading provider of educational resources for young people’s sexual health.”


Student comments:

  • Although the presentation was supposed to be the main part of the project, I felt I enjoyed the Q&A the most as it allowed us to express ideas that we had not prepped for. The fact it took 40 minutes showed how brook were very interested in our work.
  • Improved my confidence greatly through practice and rehearsals. I learnt not only how to work in a team but also how to carry out independent work.

Brook comments:

  • “I was particularly impressed by how professional the students work, approach and attitude was. They had generated an incredible amount of useful, relevant and interesting research, and presented it in the form of a strategy which will benefit our organisation." Naomi Sheppard, Head of Participation and Volunteering, Brook
  • “The students were incredibly impressive and it was immediately clear how hard they had worked on their project for Brook. The communication within and between teams was especially striking and all the young people had something important and valuable to contribute.”Jo Tacon, Communications Officer, Brook

Foyer Federation develops projects and initiatives that help young people, who have experienced disadvantages, such as homelessness, to move on to independent, thriving lives. Their challenge is to influence services, staff and society to have higher ambitions for young people, to focus on their talents and to find a solution to long-term independence, happiness and well-being. Essentially, this means focusing on the advantages, rather than the disadvantages. The challenge set by Foyer was for the students to help them promote Pop-Up Talent to young people in London and Essex, Birmingham and South Wales by producing a short video advert to show what they can offer young people, and also undertaking a small piece of research.”


Student comments:

  • I really enjoyed the final presentation and being able to talk the members of charity we helped.”
  • The best part for me was working collaboratively together and the actual research and work we put in."

Foyer Federation comments:

  • Presentation was very well organised and structured. Loved the inclusive way it was done with most students directly involved. They really got into the brief and have clearly understood some quite complex ideas and approaches. The vines, video and some the creative thinking about promoting Pop-Up Talent was impressive.” Jane Slowey, Chief Executive, Foyer Federation
  • The young people had to work to a very tight deadline and their ideas were fantastic and very practical and will be used. I really liked the young people’s creativity and team work. There is no doubt that the presentation by the young people has challenged our thinking on the project.” Philip Hoppner, Senior Youth Involvement Officer, Foyer Federation

The presentations on the final day were held at the Foyer Federation offices and Brook offices respectively. The students presented their ideas to members of the board which included Chief Executives of both companies. The students had created a brilliant presentation, which our CEO described as being ‘awesome’, and received great reviews from everyone who was involved.


Here is what the students thought about the programme.

  1. 100% of the students felt the event ran smoothly and any problems were handled well.
  2. 100% of the students felt they had ample support from the EiA coaches.
  3. 100% of the students found the programme very interesting and would definitely recommend it to others

The students gained the following by taking part in the programme:

  1. 100% of students increased their understanding of business and enterprise.
  2. 100% of students have increased skills to help their school learning and increased their future employment chances.
  3. 100% of the students found the experience of presenting in front of senior board members extremely enjoyable and helpful in increasing their confidence.

Skills improved slightly or better


Project management


Problem solving


Team working


Working to tight deadlines


Motivating myself


Leaderships skills



Entrepreneurs in Action felt that the Classroom to Boardroom programme was a tremendous success with great contributions from the students from Sevenoaks. 


Check out our video from the day by clicking on the link belowe: 

EiA: Classroom to Boardroom with Sevenoaks and Foyer Federation 2014 


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