Entrepreneur in You


Key outcomes (on average):

  1. 96% of students found the programme interesting and would recommend it to others.
  2. 99% of students increased their understanding of business and enterprise, and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.
  3. 96% of students have improved my confidence in what I can do and how I can work in a team.
  4. 96% of students now have a feel for what it is like to trade.
  5. 96% of students feel more informed about what it takes to be an entrepreneur. 

The Entrepreneur in You programme gives the students an insight as to how business ideas are generated, brand building, sales and marketing techniques and product development. The day ends with the trading game, where students pitched their business ideas to outside buyers. We run programmes with independent and state schools from around the country with the aim to challenge a range of students from different backgrounds. 



The programme consists of: 

  • The students being introduced to the world of entrepreneurs and business. 
  • The students are given the opportunity to use all that was learning over the day to create a product or service that could be sold or pitched during the trading session to the buyers. 
  • The trading game provides a real opportunity for the students to connect their learning from the day in a competitive "real" environment as students competed with other student businesses for the custom of the buyers. 

Key learning outcomes:

  • Demonstrates the exciting side of business
  • Connects with work students are doing in the classroom to potential business opportunities
  • Creates ideas for business
  • Helps enhance team working, confidence and communication skills

If you would like to hear more about our programmes, please contact info@theeia.com or click on this form and someone will be in touch with you. 


Entrepreneur in You: Whitgift School


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