Alternative Work Experience


Key features (the last 3 years):

  1. 94% of students would recommend this programme to other students

The purpose of the programme was to provide an innovative way of delivering work experience to the participants. The programme was designed to give the students a real taste of enterprise, and to help them improve their employability. We run programmes with independent and state schools from around the country with the aim to challenge a range of students from different backgrounds.


The programme is delivered over 4 days:

The first and second day involved the Entrepreneur in You programme, which culminates in the Trading Game on the second day.


  1. 99% of students increased their understanding of business and entrepreneurship
  2. 97% of students improved their confidence
  3. 99% of students have a feel for what it is like to trade

The third day involved Job Hunting, Recruitment activities and educational next steps. Volunteers are invited to take part in the sessions and give guidance to the students regarding job hunting and interview skills. The participants will look at the impact that their digital footprint could have on their future employment chances.



  1. 98% of students increased their understanding about what it takes to be successful a fair amount or better.
  2. 97% of students feel confident in their abilities to network with others a fair amount.
  3. 98% of students have an understanding of how to maximise their search for part-time or full-time jobs.
  4. 98% students have an understanding about what employers are looking for in potential candidates.
  5. 90% of students have an understanding about the importance of their digital footprint. 

The fourth and final day connects students with volunteers from various local, national and international companies, to provide insight into the world of work. We have secured some top companies in the past to take part in the programme including Skanska, Salesforce, Barclays, EDF Energy, BT, PWC and Mitie amongst others.



  1. 94% of students felt they have a better understanding of their future career options
  2. 97% of students found the Career Guidance and Support sessions beneficial or better 

Key learning outcomes (average score for the last 3 years):

  1. 97% of students improved their business confidence
  2. 94% of students improved their team work skills
  3. 96% of students improved their responsibility skills
  4. 95% of students improved their project management skills
  5. 95% of students improved their presenting to others skills
  6. 93% of students improved their working under pressure skills

If you would like to hear more about our programmes, please contact info@theeia.com or click on this form and someone will be in touch with you. 


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