Raising Your Game


Key features:

  • Delivered across schools and colleges
  • Suitable for one class or an entire year group
  • One or two day programmes available
  • Delivered by professional business coaches

This is our signature motivational programme designed to encourage young people to take responsibility for planning their future. It has been developed and tested over many years and we have a strong track record of delivering this very engaging and motivational workshop to a wide variety of clients.



The programme is designed to motivate, inspire and empower young people with a new sense of purpose and direction. The course can be tailored to the specific needs of the group and can incorporate a variety of different themes such as sport, music or the arts. It can be adapted for a single class, whole year group or indeed an entire school.



This is a journey to discover the ingredients of success, the benefits of becoming a top notch communicator and experience first-hand the art of networking. Through interactive challenges, young people will see how their attitude can impact on results and by working with our professional coaches will begin to plan their own route to success.


Key learning outcomes:

  • Helps develop communication and presentation skills
  • Encourages young people to analyse their role models and discover the attributes that lead to success
  • Gives students the opportunity to assess where they want to be and start to set achievable personal goals

If you would like to hear more about our programmes, please contact info@theeia.com or click on this form and someone will be in touch with you. 


Castle Community College: Katie Simmons


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