Classroom to Boardroom



Classroom to boardroom is our premier programme and consistently inspires young people to change their lives. Over the course of a week students go on a journey to adopt the life of a business executive.




Participants are presented with a real life business problem and they set to work on finding a solution. The challenge culminates with students having the opportunity to present their ideas to senior executives in the boardroom of the supporting organisation. Often these presentations are made to renowned business leaders.


What we offer


In the past we have enlisted the help of the CEO of Barclays in addition to the head of GE Capital Europe. We take young people out of the classroom and fully immerse them in the world of business, challenge them to solve real problems and provide the opportunity to present their ideas to top executives. This programme is designed to stretch students with a range of abilities from special education needs, the disaffected and the under achieving right through to those who are gifted and talented.


The aim of this programme is to show young people what they can achieve, give them a taste for business and link the work they do in the classroom to future success in the real world.


Key Learning Outcomes:


  • Increased aspirations, communication skills and the ability to work in a team
  • Relates hard work in the classroom to future success in the boardroom
  • Builds leadership skills and gives young people an experience of working under pressure to solve real business issues



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