The Entrepreneur in YOU!



This is an innovative and engaging one or two day programme which takes young people on a journey of understanding to show what business and enterprise is all about.



This programme is high impact and high energy and consistently challenges students to raise their own entrepreneurial bar. For the first time they start to relate their passions to the world of business, and experience the excitement and pressure of doing deals.


What we offer

Young people are given an insight into the various types of businesses and are encouraged to think about their own interests and consider how these can be turned into lucrative business projects. The event then moves up a gear and students are challenged to set up their own business in our trading game which is a cross between a city trading floor and market stall.

Key Learning Outcomes:


  • Demonstrates the exciting side of business
  • Connects the work students are doing in the classroom to potential business opportunities
  • Creates ideas for business
  • Helps enhance team working, confidence and communication skills

EIA: Entrepreneur in You- South Hampstead High School


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