Damian McKinney

Advisory Board


Damian McKinney has always been something of a corporate maverick. As anyone around him will confirm, his utter lack of acceptance of the word ‘no’ or ‘it cannot be done’ seems to be at the centre of a momentum that has carried him and the people around him on 'high wire' experiences - typified by a fine line between a spectacular fall or glorious success - but never the safe option.

Bringing his experience as an operator in the Royal Marines to bear in the corporate environment, Damian still takes the ethos of the Green Beret with him wherever he goes. His respect for the highest levels of performance and ultimate loyalty to the brands, companies and leaders he works with have endeared him as a key member of global boards of directors and executive teams across FMCG, Pharmaceutical and Banking sectors in Asia, America, Europe and Africa. 

Growing up in Kenya, Damian’s passion for East Africa and his confident approach to Swahili have cemented his relationship with a growing number of our 'partners' in that part of the world.

"I am delighted and honoured to have the chance to support Derek and the EiA team. I feel that EiA is perfectly positioned to make a significant difference to young people, who deserve the opportunity to become future Captains of Industry and outstanding Corporate Citizens. I know that with the current values, experience, passion and energy in the EiA team, we can make a significant impact for young people and their growth, and I look forward to playing a full part in that exciting journey."


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