Who We Are

The 3 E’s

Our vision is that every young person will fulfil their potential in education and leave education with the skills, knowledge and mind-set to make them employable and entrepreneurial.

EiA’s vision is based upon the passionate belief that academic, vocational and core skills, whilst critically important, are not enough to ensure that young people emerge into the working world with the best chance of maximising their potential. We believe that increasing the economic engagement of young people can be achieved by driving the 3 E’s: Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship.

Why choose Entrepreneurs in Action?

Since 2003, EiA has been running enterprise based interactive programmes designed to motivate and inspire young people to be best version of themselves.
We have an unparalleled track record of engaging local, national and global businesses and NGOs to work with schools. And we have worked with a range of independent schools, numerous state schools and various colleges and universities – nationally and internationally.

Supporting the Queen’s award for enterprise promotion

In 2006 Her Majesty The Queen, graciously conferred her award for Enterprise Promotion upon Derek Browne, the CEO of Entrepreneurs in Action.

In 2003 Derek Browne gave up a lucrative career in the City to launch Entrepreneurs in Action, an organisation aimed at teaching young people about the approach needed for entrepreneurial success.

His aim has been to develop a new generation of entrepreneurs who, irrespective of their background, can build a secure future through enterprise.

Who we are

EiA is committed to enterprise and innovation.

EiA’s programmes build self-confidence and self-belief, help people’s talent, passion and skills stand out and increase their employability. They give young people and employers a better chance of finding each other. They experience the satisfaction of working hard as a team to successfully complete a challenging business project.

  • Learning activities are structured to encourage young peopleto be innovative, to experiment and to develop their potential as future entrepreneurs, creators and leaders
  • We equip young people with skills for the future by helping them develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes neededin the business and world – from effective communication and teamwork, to marketing ideas and sound business and financial planning
  • Our facilitators are also coaches using techniques and group work to help young people develop and implement their ideas, and to think about what they have learned from the experience.

If you would like to hear more about our programmes, please contact info@theeia.com or click on this form and someone will be in touch with you.


Derek Browne – CEO and Founder

Derek is passionate about education and opening up opportunities for young people. At the age of 18, he wanted to be a trader and was advised by his teacher to go and speak to the guy running a local market stall! Ignoring this, he went on to work in the Securities and Investment Board, the City Regulator, then Barings Investment Bank and finally to Merrill Lynch International Private Banking as an ultra-high net worth senior private banker.

His belief that we can all create our own future is something that he wanted to pass on to others. In 2003 he gave up his successful career in the City to launch Entrepreneurs in Action. His aim is to help a new generation develop an entrepreneurial mindset for the future.

Since starting EiA in 2003, he has helped thousands of young people in state, independent schools, colleges and universities – nationally and internationally. Derek has worked with executives from major corporates, global NGOs and charities on innovative Gen Z engagement strategies. He has also consulted and delivered programmes to the Department for Education and the former Specialist Schools and Academies Trust.

Derek is a founding member of the Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation. He is often sought as an international speaker and has appeared on C4, CNN and BBC News, and been interviewed by the Financial Times, Telegraph, Independent on Sunday and The Economist. He is a regular speaker at conferences in the UK and internationally and has spoken at Pembroke College, Oxford University and Herbert Smith.

He has also appeared on TV, including CNN, BBC News and C4’s programme Jamie’s Chef, featuring Jamie Oliver, where he acted as business mentor to the 4 finalist for the duration of the programme. Derek has also been a business ambassador for UK Innovate.

He was awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion in 2006.