Case Study: Barnardo’s – Believe in Children

Industry: Charity (Barnardo’s)
Leading International Baccalaureate School (Sevenoaks)

Challenge: July 2018

Challenge: Developing a digital marketing and fundraising strategy to engage young people. Moreover, creating a new “fundraising toolkit” encouraging students to set up groups and events to raise money for Barnardo’s in the long run.

Participants: 25 students from Sevenoaks School


95% of students felt the event ran smoothly and any problems were handled well.
95% of students felt they had good support.
100% of students found the programme interesting and might recommend it to a friend.
100% of students had a good feel for what it is like to be part of a real business assignment.

“Students develop unique and innovative fundraising ideas for the UK’s largest children’s charity”

Barnardo’s is the leading children’s charity in the UK. They believe in helping children no matter what problem’s they are facing. As a charity, much of the work Barnardo’s does is funded by donations and many of their donors are from the over 50 age group. To maintain their long legacy of over 150 years, Barnardo’s must now improve their rapport and relationship with the younger generations; particularly Gen-Z to who could be potential future donors.

The Sevenoaks students divided themselves into teams and did very thorough research and business development. The culmination of the week was a presentation by the students of their proposal to a panel made up of Barnardo’s executives.

Student Solutions: After the week-long programme, the Sevenoaks groups proposed several ideas; one of which included approaching a global fast food chain. The panel was so impressed with the students’ work that there are now plans to launch at least one of these fundraising innovations.

The students highlighted that the best parts of the week were “ the opportunity to get in touch with real life problems and solve them unlike what they learn to do in the classroom and working independently to their own deadlines.”

Additionally, the students improved the following personal skills:
• Problem solving – 94.7%
• Team working – 100.00%
• Leaderships skills – 84.2%
• Working to tight deadlines  – 94.7%
• Project management – 100.00%
• Motivating myself – 89.5%

Louise, Director, Income and Innovation, Barnardo’s highlighted that “the young people were innovative, articulate,professional and well planned in their presentation. They had clearly done a huge amount of work to support their ideas and they were based on research and insight.”

Lynn Gradwell, Director Children Services (London), Barnardo’s was “impressed with the team work that the young people demonstrated in achieving the task. They were very professional in their approach and presentations and came up with some fantastic ideas and had the research to back them up.”