Case Study: Tideway

Industry:  Infrastructure (Tideway)
HMC Leading Independent School (Latymer Upper School)

Challenge: June 2018

Challenge: Revamping Tideway’s digital footprint to be more public focused and accessible to their wide range of stakeholders. It was also necessary to inform the public about their Legacy achievements.

Participants: 10 students from Latymer Upper School


  • 100% of students felt the event ran smoothly and any problems were handled well.
  • 100% of students felt they had good support from the EiA team.
  • 100% of students found the programme interesting and might recommend it to a friend.
  • 100% of students had a good feel for what it is like to be part of a real business assignment.

“Latymer students aim for a lasting legacy with Tideway”

The company trading and publicly known as ‘Tideway” is set up the finance, build, maintain and operate the Thames Tideway Tunnel.  With more than 400 employees the company aims to enhance and protect the environment, benefit London’s economy and skills base and inspire a new generation while improving the skills and health of the river users. This is how they intend to ‘build a lasting legacy’ and ‘Reconnect London with the River Thames’.

During the Classroom to Boardroom experience the students divided themselves into business teams and developed strategies, which could assist Tideway. After the week-long experience the results spoke for themselves.

Student Solutions: Through “NOVA”, their self-established company name the students identified a number of ideas which could improve the visibility and customer convenience as well as the digital marketing of Tideway’s website. Tideway executives thought that the ideas conceptualised by the students were innovative and could be adopted to improve the website even further.

The students highlighted that the best parts of the week were “ working in a team and presenting to people in a high position at an impressive company.”

Additionally, the students improved the following personal skills:

  • Problem solving- 90%
  • Team working- 100%
  • Leaderships skills- 80%
  • Working to tight deadlines- 80%
  • Project management- 80%
  • Motivating myself- 90%

Senthill Sriharan, Parent, Latymer Upper School stated that “The quality of the presentation and the amount of information presented within such a short time, the confidence and teamwork was very professional.”

Matthew Parr, Head of Strategy, Tideway opined that the students had a “very impressive understanding of the project and the challenges it faces as well as the opportunities it presents.”