On the 12th of September 2015, EiA’s CEO Derek Browne attended Woodbridge Schools. Derek gave a speech and also presented prizes during the week. Derek received good reviews from those who attended the event. Neil Tetley the headmaster was so pleased with Derek’s performance he wrote him a letter with the
Our CEO Derek Browne, opened-up the annual education conference in Gibraltar, with a talk entitled “voices in you head.” He shared with students from Bayside and Westside Academy, how to tackle limiting thoughts that prevent you from fulfilling your potential. He shared his experiences in investment, private banking and international
Geneva students work on $8 billion fund raising project for global fund They worked on two challenges looking at how Global Fund , could improve their social media campaign to raise the profile of $8 billion, fund raising programme.


Case Study: Barnardo’s – Believe in Children

Case Study: Global Fund

Case Study: Harris Paints

Case Study: Tideway


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