Sevenoaks students develop creative solutions for Red-Cross youth-led emergency relief


Sevenoaks School – British Red Cross Classroom to Boardroom 2017

Tragedies such as the Grenfell Tower fire, the London Bridge terror attack, Manchester bombing and the Finsbury Park attack in 2017 saw the British Red Cross (BRC) having to perform one of the largest humanitarian responses in the UK since World War II. This made the relevance and the importance of the work of the British Red Cross very real to a group of 25 Year 11 Sevenoaks Students in June 2017. As participants in EIA’s Classroom to Boardroom programme, they were tasked with creating innovative ways for the British Red Cross to engage young people inspiring them to create networks to become involved in global disaster and emergency response.

For two and a half days, the students worked in groups to research, brainstorm, and craft their proposal. Their ideas were heavily focused on fund-raising but also integrated aspects of app design and technology. On the fourth day, these young innovators journeyed from the comforts of their classroom to the British Red Cross’ head offices to make their pitch to an esteemed panel made up of members of the British Red Cross.

The panel was impressed with the students’ thorough presentation and extremely innovative concepts.

Ms. Gita Luz, Fundraising Innovation Manager, British Red Cross indicated that she was “very impressed by how well thought out and clearly, presented the proposal was and how confident they were in presenting it. They clearly absorbed the challenge and brought in their unique viewpoint as Youth Perspective and gave a clear rationale for all their decisions and recommendations that were based on well-researched insights.”

Ms. Andrea Luff Head of Fundraising Innovation, British Red Cross felt that “ other independent schools and the pupils coming through could really benefit from this programme to spark some independence allowing their students to go on and make a difference.”

Sevenoaks students making their presentation
Sevenoaks students making their presentation

At the end of the week, 100% of the students felt that the programme was interesting and they might recommend it to a friend. 100% of them also felt that they had a good feel for what it is like to be part of a real business assignment.

In fact, one student, in particular, indicated that he ‘had no idea what he was signing up to but loved the whole process and was honestly over the moon that he was able to take part in the experience”.

Julie Redding, Head of Entrepreneurship, Sevenoaks School, Andrea Luff Head of Fundraising Innovation, British Red Cross and Derek Browne, CEO of Entrepreneurs in Action (left to right)

To see how this experience evolved watch our challenge video: