Testimonials and Achievements

Have a read of what the students, teachers, and businesses say about EiA programmes.

Students have achieved more than they believed possible and schools have demonstrated to parents how they are at the forefront of educational and business thinking today, shaping the leaders of the future.

Many of the businesses that have been involved in our programmes have also benefitted, coming away with powerful ideas and solutions to business issues, based on the students’ input.  Some have even taken their new product ideas to market.

Often our courses are sold out within half an hour of publishing dates to parents.

Our Results


of students found the programme interesting and would recommend it to others.

of students increased their understanding of business and enterprise, and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

of students have improved my confidence in what I can do and how I can work in a team.

of students now have a feel for what it is like to trade.

of students feel more informed about what it takes to be an entrepreneur.


Head of Economics and Business
Head of Economics and Business - Trinity School The students blew my expectations away
Hampton School on Network Rail project
Hampton School on Network Rail project - Student I enjoyed working with different people and the programme as a whole was brilliant and I would recommend everyone to do this programme
Hampton School
Hampton School - Teacher Having facilitated into our fifth successful year, integrating a personal branding element added significant value to promote self-advocacy and awareness of leadership, entrepreneurial skills and career profiles. I am keen to take the link forward over the next five years to enable young people to develop the creativity, initiative and resilience for success in a competitive and collaborative global business environment.


Chief Scientist
Chief Scientist - Salesforce I simply cannot believe that the students achieved what they did in eight hours. I also cannot believe that they are 16 and 17 years old; their poise, confidence, communication skills and structure of their presentation were outstanding. They understood our business incredibly well. They pinpointed accurately the majority of our ‘problems; those that we debate on a daily basis! – and came up with some excellent solutions
Xoomworks - COO I was very impressed by the professionalism of the event. I would imagine the students were very inspired by the activities of the day and I wish I had been able to participate in such an event when I was at school.
The Whitgift School programme
The Whitgift School programme - Chartered Accountant We have had a fantastic day. I think the energy that the coaches bring to inspiring those students was really impressive.