The EIA Vision

Our vision is that every young person will fulfill their potential in education and leave education with the skills, knowledge, and mind-set to make them employable and entrepreneurial.

EiA’s vision is based upon the passionate belief that academic, vocational and core skills, whilst critically important, are not enough to ensure that young people emerge into the working world with the best chance of maximising their potential. We believe that increasing the economic engagement of young people can be achieved by driving the 3 E’s:


• Our programmes complement the current curriculum and aim to improve students’ engagement, focus and aspirations.
• Our programmes enable students to develop the core soft skills and mind-set required for success in higher education, employment and enterprise.
• Our programmes encourage young people to plan for their future and give them the tools to do so effectively.


• Through participation in our programmes, young people acquire the skills to be proactive in seeking out the best options for future employment.
• In preparation for employment, our programmes help young people to identify skills they were unaware they had, and develop new skills.
• Our programmes connect what young people are learning in school to what they will be doing in the world of work, through experiential learning.


• Not everybody leaving education will want to go into higher education or employment. Young people attending our programmes learn about the variety of ways in which they can offer their knowledge, goods or services for profit.
• Young people leave our programmes with the skills, knowledge and confidence to start their own business.
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